The first season of the series Edit

McCrillis Nsiah and Jonathan Castillo were born in New York City in 1997 and 2000, respectively. McCrillis is African-American as his parents were born in Ghana in West Africa; Jonathan is Dominican-American as his parents were born in the Dominican Republic in Latin America. They were only 12 and 8 years old respectively in September 2009 when they met and since then, McCrillis became easily attached to Jonathan, treating him like he is his only sibling. McCrillis stopped seeing Jonathan after graduating from middle school in June 2011 but 3 years later, sometime in 2014, they both met again on Facebook, but didn't actually started talking in the inbox till later that year. In late October of the year after, McCrillis reunites with Jonathan, who at this time, is a high school freshmen and has a girlfriend. McCrillis continues to visit Jonathan after school occasionally. However, his constant hot-headed temper at forcing him into doing mischievous stuff just for fun puts a strain between the two. In February 2016, Jonathan was assaulted in a gang-related attack one evening and is hospitalized.

Jonathan seeks help from his older cousin, a gangster who also attends the same school as him. The person responsible for Jonathan's assault is killed and his cousin influences Jonathan into joining a gang. At first Jonathan was very reluctant, but he agrees, as long as it gives him protection. Everything pretty much goes according to plan, save for the fact that he has to be "jumped" into the gang and obey all the strict rules; this means that whenever he is with his gang members, he has to sag his pants near his knees, smoke weed, hookah, drink alcohol, sell drugs, and hustle people; additionally, he also has to wear completely black clothing and black mask disguises whenever his gang members call on him to help steal cars, rob stores, murder, and beat up anyone they personally had problems with. All of these are the rules. In return, Jonathan will also be paid mad "bread" each time for his hard work. After successfully becoming a gang member, Jonathan is given a gun and gains more popularity in school and in the hood. But he did not tell his gang members where he lives.

In early April 2016, when McCrillis finally pushes Jonathan to the breaking point, they both snap and McCrillis personally decides to severe all ties to his surrogate little brother for good, before walking home angrily, while Jonathan does the same, shedding a tear or two. In front of his apartment building, McCrillis encounters a seemingly angry man trying to enter without letting the security guard see his identification card. McCrillis also attempts to prevent him from entering inside, but accidentally rips a part of the man's shirt on his right arm, revealing it has a large tattoo-like scar. The man runs off with the security guard in pursuit. Roughly a week later, McCrillis encounters the very same man again and he learns that the young lad has no connections with the military so he's "better off", indicating he won't be killed. Later that month, as Jonathan grew more interested in his gang, he breaks up with his girl, saying that he can't return the same feelings she has for him. All goes quite well with Jonathan's gang members, until they began their activities near the end of his freshmen year.

His very first assignment is to help his fellow gang members rage war against their rival gangs. This is where Jonathan's first and only real use of his gun took place, as he was ordered by his boss Kelvin Cedeno to shoot while facing the opposite direction just like his other gang members did. This is where Jonathan had personally hoped he didn't shoot anybody deep down because he knows what it's like to lose the people that you love. His next assignment is to kill an rival gang member. Dressed all in black and wearing a black mask in disguise, Jonathan takes his gun and heads to the address, only to find out it was his boy best friend all along. Jonathan at least now partially sees the error of his ways as he admits to himself that he isn't a murderer and little things are never worth killing anyone over. He does not take off his mask to reveal himself though and spares his boy best friend's life. On the last day of his freshmen year, Jonathan learns he'll be a sophomore in September and then spend his summertime with his respective family and gang. Jonathan is partnered alongside Fabiel Pichardo.

However, most of the stunts Jonathan is tasked to do was all by himself; he also let each and every victim he was ordered to kill go, basically disobeying Kevin. Jonathan would often arrived home extremely late at around 12 or 1 in the morning once his jobs were done. Meanwhile, McCrillis enrolls in a work readiness program at an alternative centered place called "The Door" in SoHo, Manhattan and is assigned to one of the three classes run by his coach Felix Vasquez, a former soldier from the military academy who still works alongside his old friend and associate, James Turtle Rawlerson, a high-ranking military officer. While progressing through his summer internship, McCrillis goes to see Jonathan and the two eventually make up, becoming close buds like before again. From September and onward, McCrillis would find himself hanging out with Jonathan every morning while on their way to school. McCrillis learns Jonathan has been a mixed martial arts fighter for two years now because he allegedly raped a girl once during his final year of middle school.

As punishment, Jonathan's parents sent him to mixed martial arts classes every after school and weekend, and that he has been to two tournaments, with only the first one he won with a large trophy and one thousand dollars. If he doesn't win his third and final tournament, his mother will send him to the Dominican Republic for good so he won't ever see his friends again, much to the dismay of both Jonathan and McCrillis. Not wanting Jonathan to leave, McCrillis convinces him to train extra harder so he's strong enough to win. Jonathan takes several more days off from school to do so. Unfortunately, he still loses at the tournament and is injured, but his mom realizes that her son has learned his lesson far enough, changing her mind and lets him stay. Sometime in October 2016, Jonathan brought home a pet hamster for him and his siblings to play with. But his angry mother was ticked off due to her own fear of rodents and she forces her oldest son to kill it, tragically traumatizing him. Jonathan soon thinks of finally telling his gang that he did not want to live this kind of life anymore.

But Jonathan refrains out of fear of being killed. He did made a new relationship with another girl, but shortly afterwards, broke up with her for cheating on him and trying to get him jumped to cover up her tracks. On the last Thursday of October 2016, in the morning, Jonathan's gang members get furious when they spot both him and McCrillis taking a video of themselves sagging their pants like thugs in a playful manner while hanging out in the streets before school-time. They later talk to Jonathan about it at lunch and, thinking McCrillis is a gang member, give Jonathan an ultimatum: kill McCrillis or be killed alongside him. Frighten by this, a heavy-hearted Jonathan requests that he be given one more month with his big bro before "killing" him; Jonathan lies to McCrillis saying he and his family are moving out of New York City for good. The boys took a day off from school on Friday, December 2nd to hang out together one last time as well as taking one last video and photo of themselves. After reminiscing, Jonathan bids McCrillis a tearful farewell as the two boys go their separate ways.

The second season of the series Edit

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The third season of the series Edit

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The fourth and final season of the series Edit

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