Though they been knew one another for about 8 years in a row now, the relationship between young adult McCrillis Nsiah and his kid brother-like friend Jonathan Castillo can be pretty toxic at times. MC almost always manipulates Jay into behaving savagely by sagging his pants almost near his knees, spitting, throwing up certain handsigns, and speaking in a ghetto-like way and so fourth, as well as occasionally using profanity. MC also wishes to hang out with Jay alone together at Jay's crib by sagging their pantses and smoking hookah sooner or later. This easily makes Jay addicted, to the point that he would almost join another gang like he once did before at school, but at the last minute, Jay refrains from becoming a gangbanger again. Formerly, Jay was a gangbanger for about three years but got out thanks to MC's advice. Nevertheless, MC loves Jay as a thug because MC himself has often see other kids at his school back then dressing and acting in a certain way just to be cool, fit in with the crowd, and they also have a close bond with certain other kids younger than them and now MC has started to exhibit those kinds of behaviors throughout his childhood and teenhood. Basically, MC is always dwelling on the past, which he himself knows full well is a waste of time, but can't mentally help it.

Jay and MC would at times find themselves in a spat, both in person and on Facebook, whenever they don't come to an agreement with one another on something...such as in the morning when MC almost always tries to convince Jay to wake up early and leave his house early or to get to school at a later time or both so that they have more time to chill together. This is primarily because MC can't chill with Jay at any other time other than in the mornings when Jay is trying to get to school at an early time. Yet, Jay often objects specifically for his own will and purposes or just simply chooses to act like he doesn't know why MC almost always tries to get him to do the things he wants him to do. It all leads to the breaking point where both young men are about to get into a brawl with one another, but at the last minute, they keep their cool and walk away to leave each other alone for the time being until the dust has completely settled between them. Tensions between Jay and MC just further strengthens their bond. They both realize that it's okay to argue sometimes, as long as it doesn't happen too often. It just makes them both realize that it's part of life and not everything is gonna be perfect. At the end of the day, Jay and MC are both human beings with pure hearts. Over time, Jay soon begins to realize that although MC is annoying, bossy, and extremely insecure, he has always been very lonely even before he first met him and that MC just wants to be accepted as a big brother and role model to Jay.

Basically, Jay is MC's one and only Bro to the very end. Even after learning that Jay has a real life wildebeest-like immortal demonic creature sealed inside of his own body since the day he was born, MC is one of the few who treats Jay as a human being equally, not just the wildebeest's container. Jay has also been very lonely since he was young, so at least MC finally has someone to relate to, given that Jay doesn't have parents or siblings and now MC doesn't either. Jay basically raised himself in the streets. Growing up without a family is the main reason Jay was formerly associated with gangs for much of his childhood till he became a part of them for about a year. But MC is the only reason why Jay even got out later on, mainly due to his relationship with MC being a whole lot more than just being purely evil in the streets and behind MC's back. Whenever Jay's stomach is bubbling very hard with pressure, it's because the wildebeest is trying its best to get out of him by breaking the lock seal on its own or is because both itself - and Jay - are hungry. Heck, Jay has no choice but to overeat at times, but this does not make him gain any just means that the additional food goes to the wildebeest to keep the creature surviving inside both its and Jay's vessel. After MC's loss of his family, he brought Jay over to live with him. MC also helps Jay when he is sometimes struggling for control over his and the wildebeest's shared vessel.

The only reason why the boys are still alive today is because they are living only for each other. They look out only for each other. They care deeply for each other. They eat well together. They fight for each other. They put each other's well being first before everything and everybody else. And they die for each other. Even though they are not at all related by blood, they truly love each other as brothers, even though Jay rarely shows that he loves MC as an older brother and role model just like how MC always shows that he loves Jay as a little brother who looks up to him as a leader. They always got each other's back. They share the same pain with each other. They know that if they don't take care of each other, nobody else will because all they got left in their lives are none other than each other. They both don't have a family besides themselves and need one another to take care of. They always make sure to not let their anger and hatred eat away each other's hearts. Whenever they need help or are in danger, they will always be there for one another. They will always stick together, just like real siblings should. They are true Bros, not friends, not roomates, not acquaintances...but true Bros. They never give up on each other. They will always have each other's trust and respect. Because they will always love one another as brothers more than themselves.

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