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This wiki is about me, McCrillis Nsiah, and my lifelong surrogate little brother, Jonathan Castillo, pretending that we're fictional characters starring in a story of a television series created by a human being. In actuality, I myself am personally writing down my very own story about the daily lives of me and Jonathan. However, the story will more-or-less be based on our actual real lives. Some things I write down in my story will be true, some other things I write down will not. Hence the word "fiction". Jonathan and I always appear to have a particular brotherly closeness with one another. We do squabble at times nevertheless, but that just further strengthens our bond. Unlike many other storylines in real life, my story will have a lesser amount of characters so that way, the story is better told and written and therefore, doesn't feel so clustered in my personal opinion...

The story will also focus more on our brotherly-like relationship and you'll understand just how much we're both willing to give away anything for one another whenever we're faced with peril. I'm going to make sure the story is purely character-driven, meaning much less action and comedy will be implemented when necessarily needed, and more dramatic and emotionally gripping as well as keeping you at the edge of your seat and wanting more out of it. The story will more realistically and maturely depict warfare and genocide, as well as having many shades of morally grey areas. I'm going to make sure the story is meaningful and deeper with its themes and messages, and the ending will be beautifully bittersweet, empathizing the core theme of the story. The photos you see are of me, Jonathan, and some other people we know presently or had known before in our lives or at least over on social media.

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