The first season of the American computer animated television drama Gang, created by human biologist Ultimate Henchmen, aired on Kart Tunes from December 18, 2070 to May 8, 2071 and consisted of 15 episodes. The overall series follows the adventures of McCrillis Nsiah and Jonathan Castillo, two adolescent boys from New York City who are making up for their past actions through a military program that teaches them what it's like to live a fast life that comes with fast consequences. The series begins with a brief peak of the present day where Jonathan and McCrillis defeat a false priest of a haunted island before flashing ahead to the past where they first met on the school bus and a few years later, when Jonathan became caught up with gangs while in his first and second years of high school as McCrillis visits him before or after school daily. Throughout this season, Jonathan desperately tries to keep his family, his girlfriend, and McCrillis away from his gang life but over time, he soon begins to realize the reality of his lifestyle and the error of his ways.



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